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Why Aren’t You Reading Kim Stanley Robinson’s Red Mars?

normal_RedMars_sketch01_59No other book has affected my life as much as Kim Stanley Robinson’s meticulously detailed science opera, Red Mars. If you want to walk side by side across the surface of an alien planet, with characters whose flaws and humanity, their neuroses and genius make you feel like you are standing right there, then take a trip aboard the Ares into a epic, century’s long story of the taming of Mars.

The book’s prologue introduces us to our characters, decades after the first colonists have landed, a time of celebration for the ribbon cutting of the first free standing city on Mars. You are immediately put into the mind of one of the main characters, and with each act of the book  you will be shown the changing face of Mars through a different person’s eyes, a unique prospective. In the first ten minutes you are exposed to horrific tragedy, the death of friend, immersing yourself in the thick of a complex and life-like world, full of political intrigue and interpersonal relationships. There is no need to feel overwhelmed, though, as the author intends to show you how it all began.

In the first full chapter, time rewinds back to the launch of the ‘First Hundred’, a multinational group of colonists who have been selected to set up base camp on the red planet. Here Kim has really done his research, from the descriptions of the psychological profiling process the participants go through, to the excited inventorying of the tools the colonists will use for building a new world. Each character’s specialty, from geology to therapy, physics to agriculture, widens the concept of this book, and shows us that when an entire planet’s worth of knowledge is distilled into just one hundred individuals, worlds can be conquered.

You will see glimpses of the other stories going on in the background, stories like whispers or rumors among the colonists. Then suddenly, another character will take the stage, showing a different side of the burgeoning community, and those rumors will blossom into their own. As counties start sending more people to Mars, the small time politics of a tiny outpost breaks out into global factions, the intrigue of mysterious disappearing colonists, and the enigmatic maneuvering of multinational corporations. The story scales up at a exciting pace, as a small scientific effort spawns the possibility, or maybe inevitability, of interplanetary conflict.


Finally, while Kim understands human character growth, he also understands one of the most interesting characters is Mars itself. We get a window into a whole new culture, trying to be free and distinct from is parent earth, while knowing it will never quite escape the baggage of thousands of years of human history and nature. You will care for this cast of characters, their causes and their passions, the tragedies and triumphs. In the end, reading this book will make you itch for the frontier, the unclaimed wild land of the red planet. It will make you want to reach for that small red light in the sky, and I think that is the most beautiful result of this great novel.

red-marsYou can pick up a copy of Red Mars on Amazon for as low as 1 cent used! Most bookstores keep a copy of the trilogy, and for the first ten people, if you contact me I will be thrilled to send you a free copy of my favorite book.

Sol 79 : Working out

I have orders some protein and vitamin supplements. These items along with my new exercise plan should show some nice results. My end goal is to return to Phoenix and score excellent on all my fitness tests. I’m staying away from any additives that I will have to take without end.

While I’m at the gym I’m listening to a great scifi audio book called The Long Earth

I have always liked Stephen Baxter‘s books, they are always made of the hardest of science fiction, with tales intrinsically wrapped with physics and philosophy.

Red Mars 10 Nadia’s 1947

Sol 8 : Narmy Strong

My week at San Diego Naval station is sadly over with gear issue Friday morning and drinks with my girlfriend, the notorious Dr. Ian O’Neil of Discovery Space fame and his better half. A seven day trek through medical clearance, administrative paperwork, and a whole lot of down time with my head in a pulpy Star Trek novel.

Today I got on a flight to South Carolina to start my three weeks of Army combat training, and I had such little sleep the night before the whole day was a painful experience, but now I’m unpacked in my open bay barracks ready to start training tomorrow. I’m going to keep this post short because I’ve lost 3 hours to timezones and Its now midnight, with morning quickly threatening to approach just hours away over the horizon. I’ll try to detail each day’s training in text as I wont be able to carry my cell around to take any pictures during training hours.

Time-poor. Todd

All the uniforms I was issued will fill my first of several seabags

My dogtags with my social blocked out. I went with Agnostic, because meh.

My strange Army hat with my Navy rank on it.

Sol -10 : Intelligence is complicated

I got a chance to meet David Brin at the Mars Society convention and he is one of those people you could listen to talk for hours bathed in his calm and metered speech. If you ever wanted to explore every side and depth of AI and the nature of intelligence, you should set aside and hour or so and sit in the warm glow of your laptop watching this video.

On other topics, I’m keeping my eye on a few organizations such as Mars One and Lift Port. These guys are all-stars and I wish them the most wonderful success. Check them out.

Bringing it back to David Brin, today he linked a great news feed called The Economy: Past, Present and Future. Its an amazing collection of articles i’m still going through.

Excitedly rushed. Todd.