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Saturn on Earth

I’m going to try a new format for this blog, a weekly gathering of  articles, music, stories and events. There is always content I feel I don’t get to share, or archive, content that really effects me every week, and I want to share it with you and my future self, digital time capsule style. One day, my son may even read this. I know I would read my father’s and grandfather’s if they had this technology.

Today is one month and 22 days till I leave my job here in Kabul, Afghanistan working for the CJIATF 435. I’m so excited to be on the precipice of returning home and building a new life in the East Valley of Phoenix. I have met a wonderful person out here in Afghanistan, and I’m looking forward to sharing this readjustment period together and the possibility of more. I have been looking at homes in East and South Phoenix for several weeks now with my family, trying to find a place to lay my head and provide a roof for my son and dogs. I think we are getting close to finding a decent home in my price range that will suit me for the next decade or more. Be sure, that when I get that good news that the sale has gone through, you will all hear about it across the InterWebTubes (TM).

I would rather sail the rings, but the lack of air would be a problem for my lungs.

SATURN: So lets start off the feature photo from an article on The Planetary Society’s website. Click here to see what the sky on Earth would look like with Saturn’s rings. Also, in related news ASU-SEDS is celebrating the announcement that Bill Nye will be the keynote speaker at this year’s SpaceVision hosted in Tempe. I really cant wait to hit the ground in Phoenix and help get that up and running.

PHYSICS: You guys may have noticed that every Tuesday I blow up your feeds with links to and quotes from XKCD‘s “What if” blag. I’m going to try to mitigate that webclogging spam by containing my excitement here. So this week we ask, What place on Earth would allow you to freefall the longest by jumping off it? What about using a squirrel suit?

VIDEO GAMES: Civilization 5 is the only game I play consistently these days.  The replay value is off the charts, its incredibly addictive, plus I feel like I’m learning something about history and strategy. So when I came across Russ Pitts’ interview with the crew at Firaxis I had to share it with all of you who stay up into the wee hours of the morning. “Just one more turn!” 

FUSION RESEARCH: We are not supposed to call it cold fusion anymore, but apparently the last seam on the Wendelstein X-7 was finished this week and is covered in this article.

NSFW: Science Joke of the Week comes from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and is NSFW 🙂

VIDEO: Let’s close this week up with one of Melody Sheep’s videos, Blue & Beautiful featuring an auto tuned Neil Armstrong.