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Sol 3 : ECRC check-in

I checked into ECRC this morning and the first thing handed to me was a Malaria protection kit with a pop tent, DEET lotion and chemicals to treat my uniforms with an anti-mosquito liquid. They seemed to kinda be sending mixed messages about it later that day though, when they told us that only the AFRICACOM people needed to do the malaria online training. Oh well, it’s a cool tent and maybe I can keep it.

Talking about online courses, it seems that all those Joint Knowledge Online courses I was lead to believe were mandatory, and even came in on my last Saturday to complete, are in fact not even on the requirement list here in SD. Maybe it will pop up down the line in SC, not sure. Speaking of South Carolina, there was a great video I wish I could get my hands on and show you about the three week training I’ll be getting there. Lots of shooting and unfolding myself from simulated rolled over Humvee’s appears to be in my future. They say they extended the training from 2 to 3 weeks to get us more familiar with our weapons, a fact I am happy to hear as I need time with the M16 and M9 I never got on active duty.

Also for you JUNEAU people out there, LT Cabana our old DisbO is in my group, but I think he’s headed somewhere else. Nice to talk about Guam and boonie dogs and old times with the ”dolphin killer’.

The strangest thing that happened today was when I was issued a free audio book of my choice from a list. I though the one called AFGHANISTAN would be the most useful though I regret passing up The Art of War.

The next 2 days are medical, then a day we called gas mask day, followed by Friday where we will try on all the gear we were fitted for today.  Something interesting about that, I found out that I suck at picking out shoes until today. At least with boots, I fit in a 8 1/2 wide like a perfect glove compared to my normal 9 1/2 regular. I guess I may have smaller but wider feet then I thought and its kinda got me worried about the expensive running shoes I bought.

I have in my notes a number for Red Cross, and I’d like to mention that you should never send bad news to me or other people down range over e-mail, because our commands cant do anything about it unless they have confirmed it. By using Red Cross, the sailor or soldier gets the message faster, and their command knows about it and can provide immediate support. Red Cross’ number is 877-772-7377.

Ok, I need to go to bed, as I’m fasting till my blood draw in the morning, and if i stay up much longer i’ll get hungery.

Fasting. Todd.