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Sol 113 : The Dark Months

I’m not going to lie and say being out here for the holidays is not difficult. Its lonely and cold, with mornings that always seem to begin with the same question; Why am I here again? I didn’t ask myself that question the first month I was here, or the second. Similarly, I find myself waking up a little bit later, hitting the snooze button another time each morning, compressing my morning routine to compensate. I cant stay up late working on math, as I tend to get more impatient in the evening. I’ve been adjusting my schedule and trying different schemes of time management, trying to ping the right time of day for me to do homework effectively. I have a hypothesis that my body and its different organs are more or less efficient at different times of day. Maybe there is a best time of day to get the most out of my gym time, and a block between meals that my brain is running at peak. It will be interesting to see the results.

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