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My Machines and I

As I plug into the Edison sockets, one after another, I get a real sense of my phantom limbs coming to life. My ASUS Transformer tablet is my left eye, and with its eccentric lens I can see a person across the world. They wave back at me. A charge trickles into my Kindle Paperwhite and its Wi-Fi cilia reach out to touch a connection. I can feel my fingertips dance across the spines of all the worlds’ tombs. I select one text from this infinite shelf and it becomes part of me as I travel.

Two external batteries filter a stream of electrons, like a third and fourth kidney, passing along energy to my electronic ear. Capable of hearing a whisper on another continent, my Samsung Galaxy phone delivers messages to other human beings, without having to speak a word, better than telepathy. It is telepathy. We have made ourselves superheroes.

With my laptop I can quickly factor mathematics that would have taken Einstein hours to chalk out onto a slate board. I can design and test rocket engines to rival the aspirations of a hundred Apollo engineers. I can hear every note a human has ever written to paper, every chord and every change of tempo. I can read every word of fiction and truth, every story and statement, every claim and every call for change.

Together, my machines and I will experience things and do more than what the dreamers of just a generation ago thought was beyond belief.