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Sol 117 : Hot cup of tea

Sometimes all you need is a hot cup of tea. Other times the solution to life’s problems is a bit more complicated. Its too damn bad all I got is the tea. Its really good tea though…

I want things in life, same as anyone else. I have career goals and standards of living I aspire to. I have places I want to explore and experiences I want to enjoy. All of my dreams I brush with different strokes, sometimes with paints that do not mix. Even if I have a goal pictured vividly in my mind it’s like I’m trying to paint several pictures on one canvas.

On other, less metaphorical, news, I’m making my room a bit more homely. I have this fantastic red plaid robe for going down the hall to the bathroom, or just lounging.  I’ve got a Kurig beverage maker on my shelf, so I can enjoy a hot cup of earl grey. My morning news is collected by my tablet and my Google Currents app. Rather cozy.

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