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Sol 108 : Sickness

We have made it to triple digits now in my count of days since I left on orders. Although my return date is, as far as I can tell, variable by plus or minus a week or so; I believe that pegging it to September 14th of 2013 is a good a marker as any I have right now. 258 days left till I return to Phoenix to attempt to pick up my life where I left off.
Here in Afghanistan I’m recovering from my second illness in the last month that has had me restricted to quarters. This time it seems to be one of two virus’ that are circulating causing various symptoms. For me it has been headaches caused by sinus blockage and swelling, fevers, a brutal cough and fits of sneezing. As I look around, my room is a repulsive collection of empty water bottles and used tissue that I’m working to clear out to the trash bins. The medications they have me on are nasal spray steroids, something similar to sudafed (sp?), Mucinex, some Tylenol, and anti-biotics. This cocktail is giving me vivid dreams when I can sleep and when awake, its like being drunk. I dislike medications that affect my brain function.
Well I’m out of stocked food in my room, and I think I’m well enough to go in today at 2pm, so I need to get dressed now and pack for a seven hour shift where I need to try to squeeze some time in to finish math homework.

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