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Sol 66 : Royal Garden Blues

I had a little experiment in conflict resolution, today. It didn’t go perfect, in fact, I think it went only slightly better then I expected. Which is saying a lot about my expectations, as the conversation ended with my counterpart walking away from me, abruptly, but without surprise. I really want us to get along, but it seems that he takes offense at everything I do, from ‘walking ahead of him in the hall’ to putting my cover on too early before leaving the building. I worry about him, and wish him peace.

I decided to put it out of my mind for the afternoon. A bit of historical reading, followed by more recording of the clips similar to the one linked below. Then it was off to the gym where I am stable running for 14 min strait on the Hill setting going from a flat to a 4.5 degree incline randomly, today upping my speed to a start of 5.2 mph and ending around six. The goal is 6.5 mph sustained for 14 min with peaks of seven mph, eventually moving to a stable incline of two degrees. I want to move this outside after this and get my run times in the excellent range for my fitness tests. I should start upping my push-ups and sit ups too, with a goal of 100 of each in two min respectively. All to make that officer’s board in two years and all this running has been to an audio book on modern Buddhist practices in daily life.

After all this its an odd mixture of 1947 blues and AC/DC, so…

Royal Garden Blues‘ is the theme tonight people. Lets put those quarters in the jukebox and get dancing 🙂

Red Mars 05 The tempest

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