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Sol 11 : Happy Birthday, April

Her name is AFP, ask me why and i’ll send you a video.

First things first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY April!!!!

David Brin and others have pointed out to me, today, fantastical, awesome, brilliant SCIENCE is going on. If you are not following the blog over at Contrary Brin, you are truly missing out peaking inside the mind of a man very much in sync with where the world is going, and with that an in-depth understanding of who we are and how we work. He also featured a site in his blog called, a kickstarter type site for the crowdsourcing of funds for SCIENCE. btw in case you haven’t figured out that is the correct way to spell SCIENCE. all caps, and spoken with authority!

If you want to learn about a parrot that was shown to have the intelligence of a five year old and the emotional capacity of a human 2 year old, read about Alex, the Avian Language EXperiment.

How is Sailder training going today in the Narmy? Well, today was gun issue, and I received my very own M4, brand new, shiny and ready to be shot and dragged through the sand. She will be mine for the next year, and I have taken her apart and put her together several times today and will be pumping hundreds of round through her the next few weeks, and hopefully NONE after that other than on ranges.

I also got a loaner M9 for use in training here at Camp McGrady, and I’ll learn more about it tomorrow. Pics to follow. I’m trying to close this up because it’s April’s birthday today and I need to get on Skype quickly.

Oh and there is a new Deadmau5 album today and that is where our featured song comes from.

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