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Sol 9 : Reaction Times

I was re-reading the quote I added to my post way back on Sol -13, the one from KSR’s book, Antarctica. I really love the sentiment expressed in the end of the passage, which I hold as a explanation for why we do the dangerous things we do. We walk in no ones footsteps. A pronouncement to the universe that you are a singular entity transversing your own path, like those who have gone before you but individual and meaningful.

So I had a cognitive test today that poetically, perfectly…me. Let me explain.  The doc told me I was going to take a test on a computer to measure my cognitive speed and memory so that if I ever injured my head in the future they could use these results as a baseline. I was so excited to take this test and show off my awesome brainpower that I skipped through some of the instructions and ended up having to take part of the program twice. That one event more than anything was a perfect test of my mind. Here is a test of how your brain works, and I go ADHD all over it and trip. Great reaction times though…

I found the people in my training program who are in the same order set as me. Its a small group, but one of us has been in contact with who she’s taking over for. I got a confirmed location now, and its Camp Phoenix, just 8 miles east of the capital. Its comparable to Denver, weather wise. There is a Wikipedia article on it here.

“Now let me see your BLOG FACE!”

“How to shoot” for reading while you poot


Like bigfoot, the drill instructor patrols the forest waiting for you to show weakness

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