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Sol 2 : Made it to San Diego

Yeah! I survived my party, and I really have to thank you all who came out for making it such a brilliant bash. I have had half a brain, though, the rest of today, and I needed all of it to finish packing, get the last of my data loaded from my tower hard drive to my laptop, and successfully navigate the air travel system. Now I’m on the ground in SD and in my navy barracks room I share with a room mate. It was not without casualties, as for several hours I had lost my cellphone. The USO shuttle people found it and I’m back with all my gear in stock and ready to write and photograph. The pelican case is doing a great job of protecting my gear, but the TSA decided they wanted to take a look inside and mess around a bit. My cables were out of place, but all there, and of the two TSA-approved locks, she only made it back with one of them. Easy day, though, easy day.

I already know where I have to be in the morning at 0700, and I’d love to share it with you after I knock it out. I am understanding that a lot of what I write about is fine, as long as it has already occurred. The trouble comes when I talk about future events, as that can allow malicious agents to predict where people will be. Its a fine line but a good one to distinguish now while my writing is harmless. In theater, it can effect operations, and so I want to establish a good routine and ethic for my writing.

For now though, I really need some sleep.

Red-eyed. Todd.

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