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Sol -5 : Go go gadget Martian Geologist!

The Mars Society’s Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS)

I just spent several hours doing research for a project that April and I hope to make sample collection and testing in isolation easier for geologists on Mars and the Moon. We are hoping to have a research proposal ready by the end of September for submission to the guys and gals running the Mars Society’s Mars Desert Research Station.

We would like to design a container for the collection of individual rock samples that is airtight which could be stored inside a habitation module. These containers could then be opened within isolation glove boxes to be prepared for testing in attached equipment all kept isolated, if necessary. The kicker is that the containers have to be easily transported in a quantity that makes it useful to Planetary field geologists, plus the desktop apparatus must be as light a possible and fit in a relativity small space.

The image of the Curiosity rover with its wheels removed comes to mind for the laboratory. I will have to double check to see if all the required instruments are on board. I would imagine they have been miniaturized to the max. Put her guts on a table with an isolation chamber and a storage area for samples under isolation and I think we have the idea.

Totally Focused. Todd

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  1. Jose Fernandez says:

    With all that has been learn from the The Mars Society’s Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS). I think it is time for a real test. Build a new habitat to be lifted at 5,000 to 10,000 feet over the desert and have all go as a real mission to Mars. Total isolation for the crew for one year and supply the mission with equipment and materials to be use on Mars. No combustion engines, if something goes wrong. better to happen in the Mojave than on Mars. Also if it is a one way mission, they most do a full mission in the Mojave first. Drop the habitat with test crash dummies with sensors. The previous days have small pods drooped near the landing site with equipment Also mock transport from Earth to Mars mission for one year at the end of that year is the drop of the habitat on the desert, make it as close as possible. I am talking of steep 2, a full two year rehearsal. No teams taking turns in the habitat, just one team. Only the full rehearsal can be interrupted by real life situations as safety and medical issues.

  2. Todd Gilbert says:

    I’d like to see a full test run done in the dry valleys of Antarctica. You need the cold and the dry. Then you could get in real space suits.

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