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Sol -8 : Bars are where all the real ideas are born

Last night was just one of those nights. One of those energetic nights filled multi topic discussions electrically jumping from one into the other. Now we’re talking about lobster farming in Maine, which came from comments on fisheries in Alaska which came from talks about native people’s in the Americas, from a comment about the Sioux in S.M. Sterling’s novel Dies the Fire which comes from watching a commercial on TV about J.J. Abrams new show.

We’re talking about Liftport and their plans to build a space elevator on the moon and insider company politics. We’re talking about open source engineering and the revolution its bringing to the world. Global village construction set. Ecology. Compressed earth brick press’.
Now it’s on STEM becoming STEAM; The adding of arts to science technology engineering and math. Building microsats, and I’m thinking why cant we just grab some cots and sneak into ASU’s CNC machine space, sleep off our hangovers and wake up in the morning with heads full of things to build. Why don’t we just build stuff. Just ignore everything else and just devote all our time to building the future with a computer and a CNC machine.

We are trying beer cocktails, something that smells like raspberries but tastes like white chocolate, as the band is starting up. The energy is still in the air.

Ready to build. Todd.

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