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Our time here grows short…

My June drill weekend is over. For those of you who dont know, I am a Navy reservist, which means I spend  a minimum of one weekend a month and two weekends a year supporting the US Navy. This year they are taking that and more. That is not fair for me to say, some of it I volunteered for. I came back from two weeks in Hawaii supporting Terminal Fury at the end of May, and that’s all I can say about that. I want to share with you how awesome it was, but as they say, I would have to kill you. 😉

On July 5th I jump on a plane, bound once more for the ol’ Sandwitch isles (see Hawaii), this time to support a massive operation called RIMPAC. I don’t think I will get as big of a leadership role in this exercise. Last time I got to run the night watch. This time I think ill just be another body. We’ll see. I’m going to be staying on Oahu all the way through to August 1st, so I am also hoping to get time to travel to the Big Island to check out the volcano and get my Geology on.

Arriving back in PHX doesn’t mean I get to slow down. Next morning I’m hopping in a car and pointing it at Pasadena, California to attend the 15th Annual Mars Society Convention. Buzz Aldrin is the head speaker along with the team lead on the Mars Science Laboratory which is landing in Gale Crater on the 5th of August around 10PM via a kick-ass interplanetary delivered skyhook. (The previous statement was brought to you by the MFing FUTURE!) Can you tell I’m siked! like this guy

After the convention I’ll be less than 45 days out till my deployment to Afghanistan. Things to be packed, parties to plan, paperwork to do by the ton. More on this in the future, including a new initiative to document the whole year long deployment for you people.

Finally, I want to close with, there is a former member of my family out there who is going through what must be the hardest part of her life right now. As a human being, I feel compassion toward her despite my understanding of how she got there. I want to tell her even if she wont listen, to know that life can get better and we’ll be here rooting her on from a distance as she finds her place in the world.

Good night people. Be Excellent to each other.