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Don’t touch that.

I am coming to the conclusion, that when it comes down to it, I am the product of the books I have read as a youth. That when you strip away all pretense and social expectancy, very little really matters. We are aimless… or we would be if we had not attached ourselves, early on, to an idea. A precious idea that became the seed of everything else we pretend to be. That idea is like the first cell of a coral colony. It attaches itself to the seabed of our mind. Maybe it was chance, some may disagree. Maybe everyone has an idea receptor in their consciousness, like the receptors for smell in our nose. When a compatible idea comes along, it sticks in and becomes the first ionic pair in a crystalline formation. All that we are, our personality and the life choices we make comes from this first idea.

If we trace back in our mind, and rip out all the chains of purpose and duty and cause and effect and find that root, that primal idea…

If we grab it and rip it out…

Would we reboot?

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