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Lets take that door off

This interesting scene is the product of 2 hours of work, or demolition, to get into a friends cabin after locking ourselves out. Taking the doors off the hinges wasn’t the  first idea. This was our last resort. No shoes or jackets. No tools. We had stepped out to feed the birds and enjoy a morning coffee when a twist of a knob decided for us what we would be doing for the next few hours.

We walked the cabin looking for an unlocked window, but we had double checked those the night before. I checked the sturdiness of the door lock, remembering that my parents old house has a fragile and easy to jimmy knob. After this failed, I climbed on the tin roof, barefoot, in an attempt to reach a possibly open upper window. This proved untenable as I was unable to obtain footing on a roof of that steepness.

She tried picking a lock. I offered to try to hot wire my car. Hiking was out of the question without shoes and with the nearest person 2 miles away.  We were left only one choice. We would have to break open the shed and remove a door from its hinges.

As you can see in the photograph above, we were successful. And it was the best two hours of my weekend doing it.  🙂

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